Garage Door Not Opening

Why is your Garage Door not Opening Properly?

Are you facing trouble opening your garage door? Is it not opening properly or not opening at all? Your garage gate is the most frequently used entrance for you and your cars and any trouble in their normal functioning can cause you big problems. There can be plenty of reasons for your garage door not opening.

Here in this blog we will discuss the common reasons and a few tips to get rid of them.

Photo eye is blocked or not clear:

Automatic garage doors work with the help of a photo eye. If your gate photo eye is blocked with any object or there is dust on it. That will cause trouble in opening it.

Broken springs or wires:

If your torsion or extension springs are broken or wires and cables are not attached properly, your gate won’t be able to open.

Dead or expired batteries:

Automatic garage door system works with the help of an opener which requires a battery for their proper functioning. If these batteries are expired or dead, your garage door won’t open.

No power supply to operator:

If your garage gate operator is not receiving proper power supply it will cause trouble in opening it.

Signal is blocked:

Sometimes if your remote is not working there might be blockage in signals. If your opener  is not receiving proper signals, it won’t be open.

Limit and sensitivity setting is misadjusted:

Limit setting allows the opener to know how much movement is required to open the door properly.  And sensitivity settings allow the door to close properly. If these settings are not adjusted properly, you can face trouble.

Motor is not activated:

Sometimes when you face trouble in opening your garage gate, the reason can be a simple disconnection of your motor. You can reconnect it  for smooth functioning.