GO Garage Door Repair LLC

Garage door services in Richmond

We at Go garage door repair LLC provide full gate installation services in Richmond. Our gate installation services are not only limited to whole gates. We also install and repair gate components, including:

Door Knob Repair

Doorknobs are the main part of the door as they play an important role in opening and closing of the door. As they are frequently used, there are more chances of doorknobs getting damaged. If the door is not automatic, there is no other way to open the garage door. So you can face problems in such situations. You will need repair to solve the problems of the doorknob. If there are small problems like nuts are loosened, you can fix such problems by yourself too. We offer services of repairing and replacing the doorknob in Richmond. In case if your doorknobs are broken, or technicians will replace them with high quality and durable ones.

Replace Garage Door Extension Spring

The extension springs provide the energy for opening the garage door. The cable and pulley system lifts the gate upwards. If anyone of these parts is broken or not installed properly, the system will not function properly. A broken door spring can be very troublesome and annoying. It may lead the gate to wear-out and snap. Replacing broken door springs is not a do yourself job. Springs should never be repair or replaced by someone who is not trained and doesn’t have proper tools. It can cause serious injuries to you. We provide the repair and replacement services of extension door springs in Richmond. Our technicians are well familiar with their job and can handle it properly.

Repair Screw Holes in a Hollow Door

If the screws of your door hinge are loosened and mostly require tightening. This can be because you tightened them so often that they no longer stay in place. It will cause the door to sag, like the wood sections, the door will need reinforcement. You may be confused about what has happened to your door. The reason is that the screw holes are loosened and are not able to hold screws tightly. We will fix the cavities and paint your interior doors in Richmond. We provide CHEAPER and FASTER service anywhere in Portland.

Whenever garage door repairs are required, Go garage door repair is on your side. No matter how big or small the repair is, we can handle it effectively. The repair becomes speedy and easy when an expert and skilled professional perform it. We have proper tools and equipment for solving your gate issues. Our affordable and quality services will never disappoint you.