GO Garage Door Repair LLC

Happy Valley

We at Go Garage repair LLC provide gate services in Happy Valley. We install, repair, maintain, and replace gates of all types and all materials. Our gate services are available in all regions of Portland. Our best customer service is the reason that our customers choose us every time. We have an expert team and highly advanced equipment. We repair all the issues of garage gates in Happy Valley including:

Sliding Screen Repair

Our technicians provide services for repairing and replacing the sliding doors. Sliding doors mostly need just a little maintenance for their proper working. They can have problems like broken rollers, dirty door tracks, or busted locks. We can help you in finding solutions for all your gate problems. Our technicians provide top-to-bottom door repair services. They will inspect all components of your sliding door to ensure their proper working. 

We will also lubricate and clean the door tracks to ensure the door slides perfectly. Sometimes, your sliding door may not work correctly just by repairing it. In such cases, we’ll help you by replacement that matches the look and style of the old gate. We can also help you to fix the squeaky door.

Repair and Replacement of Broken Garage Door Spring

Most of the problems of the garage doors are because of the broken springs. The broken garage door spring can be very inconvenient and frustrating. We advise you not to try to lift the door by yourself neither by hand nor by using the opener. You may hurt yourself in raising a massive garage door by hand. Or you can burn out the opener if you try to open a door with it. 

The garage door spring replacement is not a do it yourself job. It needs special techniques and tools to prevent injuries and issues. Utilization of the wrong sized springs can cause severe damages to the garage door and its components. You have to contact a professional repair company to get solutions to your problems.

Door Jamb Repair

Door jambs support the door hinges and are essential for the security of the doors. When the jamb is decaying or rotting, the overall structure of the frame is affected. Door hinges can rip off, and the door can easily knock down with one swift kick. Our technicians will provide the handing plane door edges for clearance. They will add shim under the leaf to repair hinges that are routed deeply. Then they will adjust or shim the strike plate to close the latch properly. 

We provide prompt solutions to you. If you are facing any gate problem, contact us today. We will reach to fix your garage doors in Happy Valley.